Membership and Promotions
 Annual Report
  • Alan
  • Bernie – new member
  • David
  • Graham – new member
  • Mark (dep)
  • Richard
  • Robyn – new member
  • Terry


The Committee and President in the 2017/2018 year have made significant investments in our branding and promotion. Overall the Club continues to get better at rolling out the ‘Rotary’ brand at everything we have done from our BBQ’s to our major events. We have updated signs, aprons, vests and our flagship item the Marquee which are all being put to good use.

We also have our Garage Sale sign kits which have not been adopted by the community despite wide promotion. We will continue to use these but as a ‘free’ option in the hope we can get them and the Rotary brand into circulation in our neighbourhoods.

The ‘Membership Night’ held in March was a great success and I think we surprised ourselves with the number of people we were able to bring along. The ongoing engagement and help we have had from the volunteer pool from that night has already been significant. We will continue to partner with our ‘Community Members’ to encourage them to work with us and support the club into the future.


This year three people chose to not continue as active members:

However all have stayed in contact with the club and our activities and I am sure we will see them at future events. To me, members being able to define their own terms of membership is how we need to evolve, then people would not have to face the decision to stay or quit to suit their circumstances.


Looking ahead I am sure we will repeat the ‘Membership Night’ and grow the community engagement that comes from that. We are also exploring our opportunities to partner with Coromandel Valley in ways that can be mutually beneficial for both clubs. We are also working with the inbound President at how we present ourselves and convey information to members and the community.


People want to be engaged, and to bring their ideas and energy, but on their own terms. We need to offer the right structure for that to happen and be an inclusive and flexible club where people can engage, feel valued and inspired. In doing that, people can become part of something ‘bigger’; which Blackwood has the experience and history to offer them. We have the framework to support people to volunteer in their own community, we just need to get better at harnessing that potential.


Thank you,