International Service

International Service Report

 Report for financial year 2017/2018.

The committee was given a budget of $10,000, and we carefully spent every dollar plus $550.00 from the Copperbox (refer #1 below).


This year the committee has again continued to focus on improving the support we provide to children less fortunate in the world.  By increasing the ability for a child to be educated, whilst improving the situation in which that education is gained.

Support provided to:

  1. Indonesian students through RAWCS project 36/2009-10 – Sponsoring Education for Children. For many years now the Rotary Club of Blackwood has been supporting two Indonesian students through this RAWCS project. The money, $550, comes from Copperbox income and helps support students to attend high school, continuing the education.
  2. Adelphine to attend/board at the School of St Jude, Tanzania. The Rotary Club of Blackwood has been supporting a student at the School of St Jude since 2007. Our student, Adelphine will graduate in May 2019.In this financial year we provided $720, for Adelphine’s continued education and board. We will continue to support Adelphine until she has graduated.
  3. Child Development Society Public School, Nepal. CDS is an organization that provides medical and other assistance to the poor, especially children, in Nepal. This year our donation of $1,000 will help continue their Nepal care programs.
  4. ShelterBox and Disaster Aid Australia were again supported this year, a $1,000 to ShelterBox and $1,200 to DAA, as these organizations both continue to do great work in helping those in need after major disasters around the world.
  5. RAM - Australian Rotarians Against Malaria, a very worthy Rotary project, for which we provided $1000.RAM’s objective is “the prevention of mortality, and a reduction in morbidity and social and economic loss caused by malaria through a progressive improvement and strengthening of local and national capabilities in malaria control.”
  6. Friends of Nepal, a project dear to our hearts and very much a part of Blackwood Rotary’s history. This year we continued to support this very worthy cause to the value of $1,000, which has been added to their education program.
  7. Hillary’s Nepal Project, this year we made a decision to provide $480 to help the Pharping village community school.
  8. Eyes to Burma, this project is about helping refugees from Burma (now call Myanmar) who are stranded in Thailand without any support from the Thai government. Adelaide based supporters, Geoff & Sue Heaven, were presented with a $1,000 to help improve the refugee’s quality of life and their children’s education.
  9. Operation Cleft, this year the Rotary club of Blackwood provided $600 to this organisation. This will help pay for two cleft operations and “Gift a smile for life”
  10. Cambodian Children’s Trust, the committee voted to again support in this financial year. Our $1,000 donation helps keep “Cambodian families together and helps vulnerable children break the intergenerational cycle of poverty.” and
  11. Micro-Financing Project in Nepal, another new project in 2017 which the committee voted to again support in this financial year. The $1,000 donation has gone through RAWCS and is a registered Rotary project.


This is my second year as International Service director, and I thank the committee members (Lyn Muller, Neil White, Ray Smith, Bob Lehmann, Bob Sothman and Trevor Abbott) who helped me, help people less fortunate than us, during this year.  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Jacquie Wright


International Service Committee