Club Service Report
Kevin Marsh
In retrospect I think we have had, despite all the restrictions we have faced, an enjoyable year under the leadership of President Robyn. It stared of course not having a venue after losing the RSL venue, but I think now that the Club is better off at our new venue. Unfortunately, the move and change of night was not suitable for all and we have lost membership and the change to fortnightly meetings did not achieve what it was hoped for. Our membership still remains a problem which we must address and also our attendances did not improve to any great extent and now we find that it can be 4 to 6 weeks for some to attend meetings.
Unfortunately, some of our members due to work commitments have been unable to attend any meetings and participate in Club activities. We miss them and hopefully their situation will change, and they can participate once more.
Most of the time the running of the club has not experienced any difficulties. With the change of venue some positions are no longer required e.g. furniture and welcoming also has its problems now that we do not have to hand out our name tags.
Thanks go to the following and I know I shouldn’t name names as I am sure to miss someone, but special mention should be made to:
  • Chris Howard, Secretary who has done an outstanding job for the past 4 years. The position, sorry Graham, seems to be more demanding now than previously but Chris has handled it with aplomb.
  • Garry Dolman, Treasurer who now presides over all our finances with the amalgamation of the two positions, namely Club Service and Projects and as can be expected, is performing these duties to the highest standard, our finances are safe in his hands.
  • Terry Tierney and associates as Sergeant-of-Arms who have managed to extract in a friendly way, and add a bit of levity, funds to assist with running of the Club. A more difficult task now that we are only meeting twice a month.
  • Richard Dix, Naz Dastoor and Tom Davenport until his leaving the Club, for the fine work they do in compiling the fortnightly bulletin. The Bulletins are very helpful and informative for our members, especially those that were unable to attend the meetings reported on.
  • Bob Lehmann and Lyn Muller who have acted as our Almoners during the year keeping us informed of the well-being of current and past members.
  • Alan Eldridge and his fellow committee members for their work done to make our 50th birthday celebration year in what turned out to be a great success
The Club Service Committee, as such, has not had to meet this year, each person having their own responsibility and in the main subject to the Board, and have been allocated to other Committees.
I wish to thank my Committee and Club members for the assistance and contributions in the running of the Club.
Kevin Marsh
Club Service Committee