Club Service Report

Michael McClaren

The 2017/18 Rotary year has seen as many changes as I can recall for some time.

The biggest and urgent challenge was to find a venue for meetings when the Belair Park Country Club closed. After more than a decade of meeting at the Country Club it was a familiar and liked venue and sought after for larger gatherings, for example Group 5 meetings. Fortunately, the Blackwood Community RSL Club was available at short notice and is meeting our current needs very well.

Thanks to the “searchers” who got the change organised and the members and helpers who assisted with moving the Club’s furniture and belongings out of the Country Club before the liquidators got “over-zealous”.

This issue was not just about Rotary and so thanks to the members who took the time to chat with the proprietors of the Country Club who were, to put it mildly, under some pressure.


Our goal is to have a smooth-running Club, where all the background administration, arrangements and the like happens as seamlessly as possible. I hope this has been acceptable to members.


If we think of a typical meeting:

-thanks to all the Club members rostered on for Fellowship and Furniture. The stairs at the Country Club are not missed! Please don’t forget the Buddy System when absent. With fewer members our turn comes around more quickly but I am sure Members have noticed this.

-we always get a great welcome from Rotarians David & Kevin. They staff the registration desk for just about every week of the year. The credit card facility seems to be working well as more of us are not carrying cash.

-we trialled some changes to the meeting format and I am sure we will rest on a model that is welcoming & inclusive, recognises everyone’s time pressures and commitments but still puts Rotary front and centre.

-thanks for all those members who give us leads for guest speakers. During the year we have dealt with Club business, heard more about Rotary projects and programs and had other speakers on a wide variety of topics. It might be useful to consider the role of guest speakers in our meetings and this might inform next year’s Speaker’s List.

-the IT tasks tend to fall to Rotarians Ken Roscrow and Ray Smith and are mostly trouble free until the bad Apples turn up!

-Terry Tierney has filled the role of MC (Sergeant-at-Arms) with much fun-raising skill.

Further details for the year:

  1. The committee has met as required throughout the year. This included both “off-site” meetings and dedicated Committee meetings at our regular venue.
  2. Secretary Chris Howard has the role tamed: Reports, District communications and minutes are all handled in an efficient manner.
  3. The finances of the Club have been well monitored by Rotarians Kevin Marsh (Club Account) and Ken Roscrow (Projects) with processing help from President Garry and PP Robyn Venus from time to time. We are in a healthy financial position, but we are always looking for efficient fundraising ideas and good projects to receive our support.
  4. We communicate with and report to members in several ways. One of those is the weekly Bulletin. I acknowledge the Bulletin team that includes, Rotarians Naz Dastoor, Richard Dix, Tom Davenport, Bob Arnold and some other editors when required. Most of the time the Editors are able to tame the technology. We are on Facebook and have a website.
  5. Our Almoner is Bob Lehmann. Through Bob’s efforts the Club stays informed about the well-being of current and past members of the Club.

In conclusion, thank you to everyone on the committee for all the assistance and effort contributed to the running of the Club.

Michael McClaren