Rotarians discussed politics with Dartmouth's NDP Federal Candidate, Rob Chisholm
Here's a summary of the presentation
Rob Chisholm took time from his busy campaign to discuss politics during our regular meeting on September 14, 2015.   Four main talking points were touched on and then there was a question and answer period.
  1. Intentions of the NDP 
​​​Goals are to
  • have national home care plan 
  • have an NDP Federal government that is engaged with individual provinces to support the services each needs.
  • ensure consistency within government
  • support veterans (reopen closed offices)
  • end the clawbacks for pensions with armed forces and RCMP
  • help childcare needs, a plan that works with individual provinces
  • increase retiree benefits:  Cola has been taken away, return the OAS eligibility age back to 65, and medical benefits for retirees need to improve
  • Fix the current income splitting plan which is expensive and only benefits the top 15%
  1. Hard Working MP
    • ​​As our current MP, Rob Chisholm has brought in various private members bills (to protect rivers, the R Parsons bill, and more)   
    • he wants to protect the EI fund and ensure it is used only to support unemployed workers
    • he disagrees with C51 and the changes made to the Elections Act
    • He is active in many events that celebrate our community and in events that welcome new Canadians
    • He is always willing to help any concerns of those in the community even if the issue is in fact not a federal issue, such as daylighting a Dartmouth river
  1. Tom Mulcair
    • He is an experienced, intelligent leader
    • knowledgeable in law
    • former minister of the environment, resigned his position when he disagreed with the development of land that he wanted to protect
    • Continually works to spread that being a part of Canada is in the best interest of Quebecers​
  1. "Anything but Conservatives" response
    • ​​on his campaign, Rob often hears "Anyone but Harper"; however, he wants commitment to him and the NDP!
    • Currently there are approximately 100 seats for the NDP and 140 for the Conservatives - an NDP government is possible
Final points were made of the many discouraged voters and the lack of effectiveness of the Senate.
Question and Answer Period
Questions about immigration were asked (concerns with Syrian refugees) - what could we immediately expect if the NDP formed the governement?  Mr. Chisholm stated that we need to make changes today.  In the past we've sent senior officials to camps and started processing refugees.  
In the area of Defense, how can Mulcair and the NDP fulfill all their commitments and not run a deficit?  How can this happen without cuts to defense?  Mr. Chisholm stated that the NDP was releasing their plan for cost soon.
What is the NDP going to do for the small business owner (assuming the minimum wage will increase under the NDP)?  Mr. Chisholm responded that it is important that everyone earns a living wage.  He mentioned that there is discussion about the small business tax credit and the innovation tax credit.  
We thank Rob Chisholm for visiting us during his campaign !