Marie-Claude Vallee presented her background to the club and how she became familiar with Rotary
MC's path to becoming a Rotarian 
Always interested in politics, MC studied politics in university and became involved with the Liberal party.  She worked for the liberals under the leadership of Jean Chretien.
Changing paths, she became a recruiter for the Canadian Forces and loved that job.  However, after a couple of years needed another change within the forces.
She became an intelligence officer and now she's an analyst.
How did MC get involved with Rotary?
Always looking for new experiences, driven to learn and to help others, MC went on a group study exchange through rotary.  She was on a GSE to India.
India changed her life.  She saw how dedicated Rotarians can have a direct impact on others and how rotary helped those abroad.  She was inspired by two doctors with whom she lived and who donated one of their incomes to help others.
How was RLI beneficial for MC?
MC said she just completed year 2 of RLI and that she is learning about all the parts of rotary, how they are connected and function together.  It is definitely beneficial not just for new Rotarians but also for Rotarians looking to refresh their inspiration and/or update their knowledge.
How does military and rotary work together - is rotary apart of your work?
Although rotary is not explicitly part of her work, MC is in the military to help people.  The focus is on peacekeeping.  MC strongly believes in her work.  
Rotary is also about helping others and so both parts are in line with each other.
Rotarians thanked MC for sharing her path with us, all were engaged with her life experiences and expressed how thankful we are to have her in our club smiley