Tammy Milbury, a member of the board of directors from the MacPhee Centre of Creative Learning, spoke at Dartmouth East's November 17 meeting 
MC introduced Tammy Milbury to the club
Tammy spoke to the club about the afterschool programs for youth at the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning, located at 50 Queen Street in Dartmouth.  Every six weeks there is new programs for kids of all ages and all backgrounds/interests. Currently there are programs in:
African drumming with Dr. Henry Bishop
Ukulele with Laura McRea
Photo and Video with John Hillis
Getting messy with Charcoal with artists in residence (Caitlin McGuire and Kelsey Pearson)
Youth led drama club
Shambalaa Centre Meditation (on Tuesday nights)
Afterschool programs are free for youth and after every rotation there is a performance party for the community to observe what the kids have learned
The MacPhee Centre intends to have summer programs where a small fee will be charged. 
The centre reaches out to the community to collaborate.  With it's popular downtown Dartmouth location, there is lots of opportunity for a long lasting and effective collaborative environment.  Currently collaborating with NSCAD - our two artists in residence are helping to build art education outside of school.
The centre relies on funding from the community, government, corporate, and private support.  With funding, the centre has been able to put a new roof, a kitchen, more storage space in their building as well as new programming.  Current funding is focused on building programs for youth and also with collaborating with schools.
The goal of the MacPhee Centre is to make a positive difference with youth in the community, changing lives for each kid and their families.
For more information, please visit their website: