Be a Gift to the World
Dartmouth East Rotarians gather to greet and get to know our District Governor, Jim Goit
Jim introduced his personal life journey

He grew up on a farm in a family where work and family always came first.  Community service was not part of his childhood.  Jim worked at the Department of Agriculture. 
His wife became involved in community service and then Jim volunteered to be a beaver leader for 6 years.  His wife, Barbara, became a Rotarian first and Jim would take part as a spouse.  He kept telling himself that he did not have more time.  By the time he retired, he got more involved and joined Rotary.  The first time he went to an RLI, he had a revelation for the work to which rotarians dedicate their lives.  

At his home club, Jim got involved a lot in social media work, online auctions, etc.  He compared rotarians as geese.  Geese flap wings to make an uplift, follow a v pattern, and when the pressure increases, they go much faster and longer saving energy.  This is exactly how rotarians work.  Rotarians support one another to help each of us to reach our goals and the goals of the club.  It is important that as rotarians, we each take our turns at the lead
In formation, constantly honking to push the leader in encouragement. We can do more and have more fun while working together.

Polio Update:
1 new case a week - keep the momentum
Afghanistan and Pakistan 

Polio rider (wooden statue)
1 dollar is matched with 5

Jim presented this years rot banner
Jim's looking forward to this next year working with all the clubs in our region!