October 5 - Conservative Candidate Jason Cole Visited our Rotary Meeting to discuss the upcoming election
Jason Cole is the conservative candidate for the Dartmouth-Cole Harbour riding
Years ago, he left his family business to follow his passion into pastoral service.  Jason has lived his whole life in this area.  He is a family man with four children.  After much thought, prayers, and discussion with his family, he decided to enter the political race as the conservative candidate in June.  He has been busy running his campaign, knocking on numerous doors, bringing his compassion for people.  He believes in developing a strong economy so that the country can afford to deliver effective social programs.  Every Thursday, he has a question and answer evening for all those interested.
He discussed how the conservatives have increased transfer payments to the provinces, the shipbuilding contract has opened up job opportunities in Halifax and Saint John during their tenure.  These opportunities have created positive spinoffs for the economy.  
When are we going to see an honest government?
- Jason is a man of integrity and believes more men like him in government will help have an honest government.
He discussed the cynism in government and he discussed the Duffy scandal; as well as how just like many CEOs, Harper delegates responsibilities to others. 
How do you deal with the image of Harper during your campaign?
- If all others have is Harper's demeanour and style of attack, then he must be doing a good job on items of importance
Jason discussed that there is a balance of taxes:  you want a tax rate that gets enough money but is low enough to be competitive
Under the conservatives, health care formula has been cut and we are feeling the effects, how is this going to change?
- The transfer payments need to be used better.  He would like age to be a part of this formula not just chronic conditions
The TPP creates winners and losers.  The concern is that winners are already winning - are we on the same path as the US?
- Canada and the USA have very different laws.  We are a export heavy country and we want to export more.
We thanked Jason for visiting us this evening :)