The True Rotarian Award


The True Rotarian Award

(Presented in memory of Sydney Rotarian Charles Lorway)

During his official visit to each of the clubs in the District, the Governor intends to honour a member of each club who in the opinion of the club best exemplifies the principles and spirit of a True Rotarian.

  • The “True Rotarian” is a person whose activities are a result of his/her personal goodwill and a sense that the world will be a better place as a result of his/her work and effort in Rotary.

  • The True Rotarian has a Rotary Attitude.

  • This is a person whose conduct follows the 4 Way Test at all times, who is humble, does not flatter wealth or boast of possessions or achievements.

  • This Rotarian speaks with frankness yet always with sincerity and sympathy. After having communicated differences of opinion, supports the activities of others even if the direction may not be parallel with their thinking.

  • Deeds follow words, and this Rotarian thinks of the rights and feelings of others. This Rotarian always appears well in any company and a person with whom honour is sacred.

  • The “True Rotarian” is the foundation of Rotary: always there, contributing to the current Rotary activity and by any Rotarian’s measure is the life blood of Rotary.

Clubs are asked to review this description and to identify a Rotarian for the Governor to honour. The name of the person should be provided to the District Governor as soon as possible before the visits start.

The List of True Rotarian's awarded by the Rotary Club of Gander

2005-06     Dave Galway

2006-07     Bruce Sparkes

2007-08     Jack Waye

2008-09     Linda Hardiman

2009-10     Allan Scott

2010-11     Jack Waye

2011-12     Sue Walsh

2012-13     Mark Linehan

2014-15     Randell Mercer

2014-15     Derek Hillier

2016-17     Pat Kearney