Cobb's Pond Rotary Park

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In 1981, the Rotary Club of Gander decided to initiate a project to begin the development of a park at Cobb's Pond, within the community of Gander. Although the details of the vision for this park were not fully shaped, at that point, the Club has come to embrace a vision that held the potential of a place where individuals and families would enjoy a relaxing or invigorating walk along a boardwalk and trail around the shores and through the wooded areas of Cobb's Pond, to stop at various lookouts and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful vistas overlooking the pond, and to take the occasional side trek over a boardwalk to Little Cobb's Pond; a place where families would enjoy a picnic or play in an open field and an well equipped sandlot; a place where a family would have a designed spot to place a park bench, plant a tree or mount a plaque to commemorate a loved one; a place to canoe; a place to preserve the wild flora, and, on occasion, to catch a glimpse of wildlife in its natural habitat; a place that people would include on a visitor 'must see' list; and a place where residents would gather on its civic holiday to celebrate.

In the April 14, 1982 issue of The Gander Beacon, the headline read 'Rotary Developing Park at Cobb's Pond'. The Rotary Club of Gander and the Town of Gander had forged a partnership to develop a community park, with an official sod-turning ceremony taking place in May of that year to mark the beginning of a multi-phased construction project. Two years following its inception, on October 1, 1983, Cobb's Pond Rotary Park was officially opened to the public.

During the past thirty(30) years the partnership between the Rotary Club of Gander and the Town of Gander has been successful in its efforts to promote the continued development and use of the Park. It has become a valued asset in the life of this community. During the period prior to 2003, the respective roles and responsibilities of this partnership were generally understand but never formalized. However, in 2002, discussions were undertaken to formalize this partnership through a wriiten MOU, to be signed by both parties. As well, given that the Park, after twenty years of public use, was by that time clearly in need of a major capital infusion, it was recognized that the time had arrived to initiate a redevelopment plan to guide future capital investment into the Park. Early in 2003, an MOU was prepared and signed by both parties, and a Pond Cobb's Rotary Park Committee was established to prepare a 5-Year Redevelopment Plan.