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Article published at "Rotary Seoul", October and November, 2017 


The Rotary Club of Seoul is pleased to announce the 90th anniversary of the club. The history of the club is the history of Rotary Clubs in Korea. It was founded in 1927, the 3rd opening club in all Asia.  As the Rotary clubs in Korea have grown with the number of clubs in the hundreds and individual membership in thousands, Seoul Rotary club is proud of being the first Rotary club in Korea and one which continue to use English as the official language. 


Ticket price. : 60,000 won 

Time. : November 10, 2017, 7pm

Venye. : Plaza Hotel, Ruby Room 

Reservation :       Pls. book till October 24, 2017 

                         ( Reservation  should be made in advance and full payment is prerequisit.)


    Seoul Rotary Club was awarded the following areas during the district 3650 monthly  meeting at June 21. 
  • Excellent International Service Club 
  • EREY club 
  • Excellent Public Relations Club 
  서울 로타리 클럽은 6월 21일에 열렸던 3650 지구 월례회의에서  아래의 상을 수여받았습니다. 
  • 국제봉사 우수 클럽상
  • EREY 클럽 상
  • 홍보 우수 클럽 상을 수여 받았습니다.
Find out how we helped Bhutan through a Rotary Foundation, Global Grant Project (GG Project 1637219), US $ 104,000 took about 18 months, 4 districts and 6 clubs from 5 countries:
  • Rotary District 3650 Korea
  • Rotary District 5280 Louisiana United States
  • Rotary District 2660 Osaka Japan
  • Rotary District 3510 Kaohsiung Taiwan
  • Rotary District 3292 Nepal - Bhutan