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Club Meetings

If you are rostered for Welcome, Cashier or Grace it is your responsibility to:
  • Present yourself by 5.15pm to prepare the room for the club meeting,
  • Be ready to greet club members and visitors by 5.30pm
  • Put out all equipment from the store room and to ensure venue is appropriately set up.
  • Ensure equipment is returned to its rightful place in the store room at conclusion of meeting and that the venue is left tidy.Equipment includes bell, gavel, lectern, President’s banner, NZ flags, badge box, visitor’s book & labels, registration sheet, make-up sheet and pen, portrait of the Queen, pennant banners and speaker system (check it works).
  • Presentation aids such as projectors, screen, video, TV, data show, etc may be required – the need for these should be advised by the member introducing the speaker. Assist in setting this equipment up.
  • When an alternative venue is being used, ensure all equipment is transferred to and returned from the alternative meeting place                                                           

Grace, Presidents Guest and Top Table

  • Be prepared to present grace at 6pm prior to starting the meal
  • Join the President as his/her guest at the top table for the meal
  • Serve coffee or tea to the top table as required

Cashier and registration

  • Collect all payments for meals, subscriptions, etc and record on Attendance Sheet provided. (NB. Cost of not having meal is $2)
  • Record all apologies, leave of absences, visitors & guests and make-ups,
  • (Make ups are recorded on a separate sheet and should be given to President before start of business)
  • Record additional payments clearly e.g. subscriptions, Christmas puddings, etc.
  • Ensure Secretary has full attendance list prior to commencement of dinner.
  • Balance cash, and then pass cash and attendance list to Treasurer.
NB. No apology or late apologies (i.e. after 10am on the day of the meeting) must be recorded as silent and these members will be invoiced for the meal cost.

Welcome & Badges and visitors reception and introduction

  • Greet all members and visitors at the door.
  • Direct visitors to reception.
  • Ask visitors to sign Visitors Book.
  • Introduce visitors to the President and other members in the fellowship area. Ensure a member will escort visitors to the bar and dining area, then return to duty.
  • Distribute badges to members on their arrival.
  • Record names and clubs of visiting Rotarians – local, out of town and overseas, on pre-headed Visitor List.
  • Issue and sign Make-up Badges.
  • Prior to dinner commencing, give copy of Visitor List to Club Secretary.
  • Advise President if exchange of banner is required
  • When called upon at commencement of meeting, introduce visitors in order as recorded on Visitor List. Check procedure for introduction, as written on top of Visitor List. Introduce visitors by name only. Visitor will state Club & Classification.

Other Duties Include:

Introduction of speaker
  • Member nominated for introduction of guest speaker must contact guest speaker early in the week to confirm meeting time and availability, to ensure he/she knows where the venue is, has transport available and to establish what presentation aids are required.
  • Ensure presentation aids are set-up for the meeting. Note that our Club has various presentation aids available on site in our store room. These form part of the Clubs assets and should be made available for guest speaker’s use; these include: computer, data-show, overhead projector, screen, lectern & a sound system.
  • Reconfirm by telephone on the morning of the meeting if appropriate.
  • On arrival, ensure the speaker is offered a drink and has the meeting procedure explained to them. Make them feel welcomed. Introduce the speaker to the President and other members.
  • Ensure the speaker is aware of time constraints (20 minute presentation).
  • Sit with the speaker at the Top Table and when called upon, introduce Speaker to the Club prior to the presentation. Keep introduction brief and to the point.
Guest speaker thank you
  • The member nominated for the thank you should make the thanks brief, cover main points regarding making their time available to us including the preparation, and then ask members to show their appreciation. The President may present a small gift in appreciation also.
Three minute talk
Occasionally a member will be asked to do a three minute talk. This is normally done at the end of the business section of the meeting. Subject matter is entirely up to the member and can be whatever is topical or of interest to the member. Care must be taken not to significantly extend the talk beyond three minutes as this will reduce the time allocated to the guest speaker.
Member’s full co-operation is essential if our Club is to maintain a high standard.