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March 2018
Rotary International Theme for March: Water & Sanitation
Most of us are fortunate to have clean, drinkable water right from our home. Imagine if you didn't have this. Imagine if you had to walk miles each day to access water. Imagine again if there wasn't any clean water and your family was becoming ill from drinking dirty water.
This month, Disaster Aid Canada is focusing on providing Water Filtration Systems to 2 countries; Nigeria and Yemen. Both countries are experiencing many problems; one problem is people are getting sick from drinking contaminated water. With your help, we can make a difference by sending as many Water Filtration Systems as possible to provide millions of gallons of clean, drinkable water.
A $100 donation will provide 1 Million gallons of clean, drinkable water. Your donation will promote good health and well-being. Before you go turn on the tap and enjoy a glass of water, please consider making a donation. These shipments will be sent in March.
Disaster Aid Canada (778) 265-8821 anne@disasteraid.ca
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