Hello fellow Rotarians
While answering to some messages I received this morning due to the up coming Ribfest, I had to stop and really do some consideration regarding what our "small" club has achieved in the past 10 months and how many projects we are involved in. We are like a small automated machine that never stops....
Considering the small number of Members in our Club we are really doing a great job in our Community and abroad!
For the Disaster in Fort McMurray our Club decided to donate $2000; our Early Act Club at the Woodbridge Public School will held their annual walk this Friday and they will donate funds raised to the Fort McMurray Cause.
Our Membership Chair Miguel donated an extra $1000 also for Fort McMurray.
This is just wonderful!
Our Club counts only 22 members and in general we only see 10/12 participating at the weekly meeting but, this does not mean that the members you do not see are not doing his/hers rotarian due in the community or abroad.
Let's see,....... Nick is not coming very often at the meeting but he has been working hard in coordinating the information between our Club and the Hogar del Nino in the construction of a kitchen and a bathroom at the facility in El Salvador.  I am including here a file on the project so you can all see what Nick is working on.
Our Membership Chair Miguel that travels a lot between Canada and Mexico does not stop a minute in working for the community.  When he was in vacation in Mexico he helped to bring water and electricity at the local school. Miguel is also the member that  does not stop if there is a need somewhere else.  He donated $5000 for the IDH (Honduras Development Program) and he is following the Club of Oakville and Thunder Bay with the program for used soccer gear to send to needy kids.
Our Principle Angelina Faraone, has little time to meet with us, although she is in constant communication with me, she is working hard along with her colleagues to make sure that food is served daily to her school's kids in need. Now she is setting up a Dinner dance to raise funds to purchase used instruments for the school. We agreed to supply part of the food for the event and we will help selling at least 50 tickets.  The Dinner will take place at the Veneto Centre on May 27th at 6:30. Please mark your calendar and help sell the tickets. Emoji
Jamie, Nancy and Viji worked Camp Enterprise for 3 days during the past week end.  With Camp Enterprise, students have the opportunity to interact with business professionals and our Club always supports 3/4 students every year.
Jamie and Nancy are also working on setting up the stage for the Frog Race which is our annual small event and this year we will support an important project for Creative Alternatives.  Phyllis Santone will be participating at our meeting next week, to give us the information about this new project.
Silvana and Michael Tibollo, very busy couple with a very important program for our community: Caritas.   Michael and Silvana are working very hard to keep such an important program going, and rest assure they do have all mine and the Club support.  Silvana will soon bring us information about a new project that we will support with the funds raised from the soft drinks sale of the Ribfest.
Roberto and Fabrizio are still working on the Greenhouse's project at the Caritas Centre, that will help grow vegetables for the guests during the winter season. The Greenhouse should be up and running in the next few weeks.
Another project that we are working on is the twinning of our Club with the Rotary Club of Valle del Salso. The event will take place on July 30 and Miguel and Laura Lombardo ( a prospect Rotarian) are helping me with the logistics of the event.
The Ribfest is coming up soon and as the majority of you know, it requires a lot of work and preparation. Jamie and Nancy are taking care of the core logistics of the event. Laura Tonelli is putting her wonderful entertaining experience to bring us the best performance every year. Thank you Laura for all you are doing, we do not see you much but you are the core of the success of our Ribfest.
And stay tuned for more to come.....................................
Your President