A wonderful story of what Rotarians do!
Thank You Miguel!
Dear Fellow Rotarians,

May I take a moment to thank our members for participating in the medical clinics that took place this week in the communities of Tres Reyes, Chapon, Cobá, and Cristo Rey. Thank you to Lupe, Fred and Marina, and our guest from last week, Kitty, for your help with translating for the medical students today, their Spanish skills were very much appreciated by the med students and the patients.
 David and Monica volunteered their time everyday this week and worked relentlessly in the makeshift clinics.
 David was instrumental in bringing Power of a Nickel together with our club to make a successful week in helping the communities of Quintana Roo.
This is a wonderful example of what we do as Rotarians.

 Thank you David, we hope to do this again soon!


Michelle Marino-Kramer

Playa Del Carmen Seaside Rotary Club

Secretary 2016-2017