Insulin for Life Canada is a not -for -profit organization that collects and distributes no longer needed glucose test strips, insulin, and syringes which would otherwise be discarded. These items are sent to recognized organizations with agreed to distribution protocols to be donated to those in need.
Why Insulin for life?
In the developed economies of the world, insulin is often subsidized by governments or paid for by insurance companies. ie: in USA if you have no insurance, each insulin injection costs $200...
As a result, medical practitioners are able to control diabetes very accurately and can change the type of insulin used when lifestyle, age, etc. changes. This often leads to a surplus of insulin from the previous prescription that is eventually disposed of.
In less developed economies, a diagnosis of diabetes is often a death sentence because of the inability of families to pay for the insulin...............
Endocrinologist, Dr. Monique Piersanti,  member of the RC of Woodbridge is working hard in support of Insulin for Life Canada, in order to bring relief to people with diabetes in countries where the support is not regulated.  Contact our Club if you can help: rotaryclubofwoodbridge@gmail.com