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Classical Music for a Good Cause


The Rotary Club of Woodbridge recently hosted The Italian Canadian Symphony Orchestra's inaugural concert at FF North Event Centre in Vaughan. They were joined by The Three Tenors in Armonia (in harmony). The Rotary Club is a community based organization that raises money for humanitarian causes, at work here in the community and abroad. They are a collective of businesses and professional people united worldwide who are altruistic and encourage high ethical standards and help build good will and peace in the world.

Often, The Rotary Club will host events like this to raise money for the community and good causes. Their main goal with this event was to raise money for better living at Villa Leonardo Gambin long-term care home in Woodbridge. Villa Gambin not only caters to seniors, but adults with special needs as well. All funds from this night at the opera were donated for the purchase of new, state-of-the-art beds for the residents of the long-term care home. Villa Gambin holds a special place in Vaughan's heart as is it a place of dwelling for many citizens' family members. It's important for people to feel that their family is taken care of, which is why everyone in the room was grateful to The Rotary Club of Vaughan for their efforts in this cause.

The Three Tenors: [Left to Right] Conrad Siebert, Rocco Rupolo, and Nicolas Rhind.


It truly was a performance in armonia. The evening was enchanting as Maestro Paolo Busato conducted his orchestra in perfect harmony as they played classic Italian favourites, such as Caruso, Con Te Partiro, and more. The audience was overwhelmed with emotion as these songs were executed with such passion by the symphony, performers, and maestro, who didn't miss a beat. The Three Tenors were backed by the beautiful voices of the Belle Voci Ensemble. It's true that if you close your eyes while listening, this robust repertoire can make you feel like you are back in Italy, deep in wine country - just as the program promised.


These classical Italian songs had the audience in a trance of personal memories brought on by some of the most emotionally powerful songs in the late 19th century. At times, you could glance across the room and see spectators wiping tears away, immersed in the music. This gathering was a reflection of the important work The Rotary Club does for the Vaughan community. They find delightful and engaging ways to raise money for those in need. Thanks to The Rotary Club, in collaboration with Maurizio Bevilacqua and the City of Vaughan, and Anthony at Commercial Bakery, the residents at Villa Leonardo Gambin received four new upgraded electrical beds! It was an unforgettable evening.

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