"I considered starting in the traditional “presidential” manner and greeting you as 'Fellow South Africans...'; however sanity fortunately prevailed," says President Bryan Anderson (seen here handing over medals at the recent Winelands Netball Cup tournament).
"In September I reported that we had, by majority vote, decided to resume with face-to-face meetings, but feel that we need to remain vigilant and responsible as the pandemic develops. Probably like many of you, I did not think (or at least hoped) that the second wave would develop as predicted. In this I was wrong. The latest statistics on infections do indeed need to be evaluated and the board will definitely be looking for further ways to reduce the risk in all our club interactions
"BUT, on a more positive note, it has been wonderful to see the members again at real meetings, with 'live' guest speakers. We also had a very successful year-end function at Peter and Erika’s Boerfontein farm and in a way this preceded our winding down for the summer festivities and break.
"Our support for the community has not slowed down and we have received great feedback from a number of our beneficiary projects. While many of these contributions are being done quietly and unannounced, we have also managed to keep our brand high in two fairly well covered events, namely the Winelands Netball Cup and the Paarl Valley Eisteddfod Arts Festival. The latter was held virtually on the local radio station Radio KC.
On the back of monies raised in the previous Rotary year, we still continue to support local community projects specifically with food and in some cases security assistance.
Despite the challenges and uncertainty around them, our project teams for both the Winelands Cycle Race, which is planned for 31 January, and the Wine and Good Taste Auction, which has been delayed until the end of 2021, continue with their work. I look forward to 100% membership participation in the running of the cycle race up to and on the day.
Hopefully, the Cape Town Cycle tour will take place in March and we eagerly await news in this respect as this is one of the major incomes for our club funds. As most of you are aware our club funds are strained at the moment (due mainly to us not getting the necessary income from marshaling of cycling races).
2020 has been a tough year for all and I would like to thank each and every member for their continued support. While the saying is that “charity starts at home”, your generous contributions, inputs and suggestions have proved that we remain a club that is firmly focused externally on the community. I am proud to be associated with you all and take this opportunity of wishing you and your family and loved ones a happy and prosperous New Year."