The EduBox is an educational kit of teaching aids which develops numeracy and fine motor skills in pre-school and foundation classes. These kits are available from Paarl Rotary, and are distributed country-wide to needy schools.
The box includes ten items:
1.     An Abacus – for counting and mathematical calculations;
2.     Fraction plates – which serve as a visual aid to help with the learning of fractions and adding and multiplying of fractions;
3.     Counting Tray – assists in addition and subtraction up to the value of ten;
4.     Interlocking Counting Cubes – assist with recognition, matching and naming of primary colours, learning spatial and positional relations, stimulating visual perceptual skills and developing of numeracy skills;
5.     Fun-Times Clock – visual aid to assist in learning analogue time;
6.     Stitch-a-bead – bead threading assists in identifying different shapes and developing three dimensional form perception, integrating fine motor skills with visual- and auditory perceptual development;
7.     French knitter – a creative tool to develop fine motor planning, midline-crossing and eye-hand coordination;
8.     Embroidery Canvas – helps to develop fine motor planning skills, introducing the concept of working from left to right, pattern completion and following instructions;
9.     White Board Marker – an interactive tool used for all learning aspects in the classroom;
10.  Noughts & Crosses– blocks assist with the development of finding solutions for a problem and also playfully facilitates the concept of strategy planning.
The Rotary Club of Paarl makes the EduBox available to any individual or organisation who has an interest in early childhood development and we have distributed sets to numerous schools in urban and rural areas that are using them with very positive results. Cost is kept to a minimum at R250 to make the EduBox affordable and basic training in using the various items is provided through short video clips in Afrikaans and English posted on You Tube.

For more information contact Deon Erasmus on 082 552 3319;