Posted on Feb 13, 2018
Rotarian Charles spoke to us about his family, education and career.
The common thread of economics and finance carried him through three different phases of his career. The early years were with the armed forces in the areas of finance, logistics and support services. Moving to the private sector in 1978, he worked at Gulf Canada in Calgary and then PetroCan while gaining his CGA accreditation and MBA. Having acquired a doctorate, he accepted a position in finance at the Universiy of Manitoba. In 2010, now retired, the Mossman family moved to St. Thomas where Charles applied his energy and know-how to volunteer activities. He joined Rotary and accepted the positions of Treasurer, President-Elect and President over the years.
Lucky for the Stittsville Rotary Club, Charles and Marion moved to Stittsville in 2017! As Charles stated in his conclusion, he and Marion have had a good life as they were always able to make the best choices of the opportunities available to them.