Posted on May 09, 2018
Mark Arnold (MSW, RSW, Hons. Economics), Executive Director of Youth Now spoke to us about the mission of Youth Now --  to assist children and youth to succeed by enhancing their own strengths and resiliency.
Youth Now is set up to work with 10 to 15 at-risk youth aged 15-26 years. Next week the Market Gardens aspect will start and youth will be paid for 20 weeks in a 5-month placement at the farm. Training will include job readiness, entrepreneurship
and employment. Staff is available for support and counselling.

Partnerships with community organizatons will enhance the program, e.g. Ottawa Catholic School board will facilitate completion of high school diplomas, Youth Services helps select candidates for the program
The facilities include a 70 acre farm on Russell Road with an already restored farmhouse. 2 barns are also to be restored. The NCC has given a grant of $200,000 to restore 1 barn into a multi-purpose training & programming centre including a commercial kitchen.

Rotary is considering a 3-year capital commitment to retrofit the interior of the 2nd barn using local funds matched to international funds. Rotarians Gayle Oudeh (Orleans) and John Beard (Kanata Sunrise) are leading this project.