Posted on Feb 28, 2019
“Random acts of kindness" are selfless acts performed by kind people to help or cheer up a stranger for no other reason than to make people feel better. Ultimately, such acts promote empathy and compassion and make people more likely to be kind to others.
In Ryan Kemp’s experience, small good deeds such as paying for another person’s cup of coffee, opening a door for a stranger or smiling at a stranger, result in good feelings for both the recipient and the donor. His philosophy is when you see someone in need, reach out to help. That person will likely take the act of kindness and spread it out to others during the day.
Ryan also described his Stittsville business, Rydan Custom Stoneworks, which has 5 people on staff. They are specialists in creating interlock patios, retaining walls, stairs, walkways, fireplaces, etc. while always following the correct procedures to achieve a high standard in their work. Ryan relies on word-of-mouth of his satisfied customers to spread the news about his business and attract new customers.
Ryan and his staff are committed to volunteer work in the Stittsville area, for example, with local churches and on the occasion of the recent tornado in Ottawa.