Posted by Wendy Adams on Aug 15, 2019
The lazy days of summer! It was a great evening at the cottage and in mid-winter we will look back and remember just how good it was!
As our hostess said: “I enjoyed the evening too. Great variety of food, surprise birthday cake, good weather and good company all make for a pleasant evening.” Everyone agreed that the highlight of the night were the excellent shishkebobs prepared for the BBQ by a club member to accompany the variety of appetizers, salads and desserts that everyone brought for dinner.
The club meeting schedule at the Members Lounge of Amberwood Golf Club resumes Wednesday, August 28th at 7:00 am. Members enjoy the variety of committee work, speakers, service and social events as they strive to put into practice the Rotary motto: “Service Above Self”. New members are always welcome to attend.