Polio Eradication is the largest project Rotary International has invested in over the past 20+ years.

The Stittsville Rotary Club held an event at the Goulbourn Recreational Center April 15-17 displaying an Iron Lung and partnering with Health Agencies. This was done to increase the awareness in the community and fundraise to assist Rotary in the final push to eradicate this crippling disease from the earth.

The world is on the verge of eliminating one of the most dreaded diseases of the 20th century -- poliomyelitis. During the first half of the 20th century, polio crippled over a half a million people every year. Even today, children in some developing countries continue to fall victim to the disease. But thanks in large part to Rotary International and to the 1.2 million Rotary members worldwide, the disease will soon be all but a memory.

Before celebrating this public health milestone, the spread of the poliovirus must be interrupted in the poorest and most populous regions of the world, and surveillance must continue for several years to be sure the virus is completely wiped-out. This is no easy task. One of the greatest challenges to the effort is a funding shortage.

In response to the funding crisis, Rotary eagerly accepted a US$355 million challenge grant from the Gates Foundation, which Rotary will match with an additional US$200 million over three years, raising a much needed US$555 million, all of it dedicated to polio eradication.

To date, Rotary has contributed nearly US$800 million to the protection of more than two billion children in 122 countries. Rotary reaches out to governments worldwide to obtain vital financial and technical support. Since 1995, donor governments have contributed in excess of $4 billion to polio eradication, due in part to Rotary's advocacy efforts.

The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Stittsville has arranged a display that includes an "Iron Lung", a medical instrument from the 1930's to 1960 used to help people breathe as they fought and recovered from Polio. Members of the Club will be present to provide information and answer your questions as Rotary completes the last push to eradicate this disease from the world. We will be partnering with the City of Ottawa – Public Health Dept., The Canadian Coalition for Immunization and the Canadian Global Immunization Group.

Donations are being accepted to assist Rotary to meet this challenge. (Tax receipts issued for donations over $25)

The event will take place at the Goulbourn Recreation Centre, Stittsville.
Friday April 15: 10 – 7pm
Saturday April 16: 10 – 6pm
Sunday April 17: 12 – 5pm

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