Minutes of August 9th meeting of Susan Namulina's presentation before the International Women's Conference





Susan felt this was a hard to believe experience and the events that led up to her attending this fantastic event. It was held at the University of Ottawa with women from around the world. Susan had a booth and gave a presentation to about 20 ladies on what happens to the orphans once they leave the orphanages. She spoke about what is there, what isn’t, what is needed and what has been done.  


There is a lack of awareness of what is happening both within Uganda and internationally and that is one of Susan’s goals is to increase the awareness. Susan has come to realize that one solution to does not work for everyone. The idea is to develop a cost effective and self sustaining system that has a multifaceted approach.


Susan talked about partnerships with outside organizations to support the cause, such as our club’s project with the library. Her attendance and talk has generated a lot of interest and support, from possible grants and people actually wanting to go to Uganda to help with the library.


All of the crafts that Susan took to the conference were sold and people could be seen wearing the necklaces and dresses at the conference. There is also interest in these crafts from people in other cities.


Overall it was a fantastic experience with long term benefits.




Kanata Sunrise Club is looking to financially help the project.

We are looking at the library being the starting point but expanding the project to provide other educational services.

Need Children’s books

We have received a donation of a lot of soccer equipment.




The push is on to sell. Steve has the forms.

Don’t forget to say that the funds we receive will be used to the Youth Drug Treatment Centre, Uganda Library project.



Golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment it is not luck or chance or the help of others; it is yourself alone.