Rotary Club Ottawa-Stittsville August 31, 2010

We began with singing of Oh Canada and Grace. There were 9 members and one Honourary member John Curry, and guest speaker, Walter Traversy.

Breakfast and fellowship were followed by Happy Dollars.

Carolyn introduced our guest speaker, Walter Traversy, long time Stittsville resident, Investment Advisor and co- host of CFRA's weekly radio show, Market Monitor". Walter spoke on two topics. He began his first topic about how to heal the world with the following quote: " The world will heal itself when mankind stops teaching its children to hate." Walter reminded us that attitudes have changed a lot over time and yet there are still prejudices. We need to look inside. We need to be very careful what we teach our children. References to stereotypes and traditional rivalries will create a mindset of bigotry. Kids can recognize the difference between humour and hatefulness. History is important. Be careful how you use it. Walter's strong direction was to "teach our children to look inside themselves. Teach them to consider all of their influences." Spread the word. Teach the children. Heal the world.

Walter also spoke about the stock market, saying that the stock market is not overvalued. It is after all a place to value corporate earnings. He went on to show that over time the trends continue, that on average money increases every year at a rate of 7%. Normal cycles are predictable and are related to the cycle of life. Make more babies to make the market go up. The more babies that grow to adulthood, marrying, buying homes and consumer goods, the more the economy goes up. An interesting article from Time magazine describing the "current" economic downturn in the US was a surprise when it was pointed out the this article was written many years ago. The time to begin investing is when young, not to wait until one is in their 50's and 60's. He said that the best advice is buy low, sell high. Even better is to buy high quality stocks and hold onto them. Use the dividends. Become an investor now. Theresa thanked Walter for his advice, time and direction.

Club Business:

Mums 2010: Merv has sales forms. As of today when a resident delivered an order at the door, Brad has sold 100% more than his last years sales. Steve already has orders for more than 80 mums. Get forms from Merv. Merv also reminded us that much of our funds raised from mums comes from deliveries and encouraged us to sign up to deliver.

Cleaning up the Capital Sept 15 - Oct 15: We decided we would pick a day to do our bit of road cleanup as we have in the past and that we would end with a social time to honour Merv and Marianne before they move to their new home back in Saskatchewan. More on this later.

Group Study Exchange to Brazil April 17 to May 15, 2011: Leo spoke about this great opportunity for professionals and business people to network with others internationally. GSE is open to any in business or profession full time for last two years. Travel is paid for by Rotary International. Hosts pay for all accommodation, meals and travel when in the host country. The only expense to participants is personal spending money and the time away from their work. What an amazing opportunity. We are encouraged to think of someone we would like to recommend.

Interact update: Leo referred us to the notice in this months Rotarian that the age range for Interact members is now 12 to 18 .

World Community Service: meeting in Cornwall on Sept 4. Carolyn will forward agenda. The hope is that some of our members can attend this coming Sat morning. It is a very inspiring time.

Website: re: make-up meetings: Leo thanked John for setting up links with tabs directly to: e-meetings and to locations and times of meetings of all clubs in our area Donations: tab to go directly to RI site to make donations Speakers: upcoming speakers are listed on our website

Wine and Cheese social: in lieu of a meeting? Mike Sheady sent a note to ask if this is something we would like to consider. No decision was made at this time.

Stittsville Village Fest: Sept 11 - Leo would like company to sit with him at our Rotary Information Table to help hand out our new brochure and answer questions. Contact Leo if you can drop by for a few hours or a few minutes.

Thought of the week: You know you have reached middle age when all you exercise is caution.