Here are the minutes from our most recent members meeting.

Ottawa-Stittsville Rotary Club, May 24, 2011


The May 24th, breakfast meeting began with the singing of O’ Canada, the saying of Grace and Happy Dollars. Eight members and five guests were present.


Wes introduced guest speaker Deborah Bummell who gave a very interesting talk on the History of Nursing during World War 1.  Deborah, raised in Stittsville and a graduate of Ottawa University with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree spoke about her Great Great Aunt Emeline who nursed in England during WW1.  Emeline left a diary relating her experience working as a Colonial with the British Military during the Great War.  This book helped Deborah research the history of nursing during that era.  Grace thanked Deborah.


Club Business:


RYLA Wrap Up – Leo reported that he was extremely proud of our representatives at RYLA.  The students reported that they had an outstanding weekend and would speak at our club soon.


Artists and Authors in the Park – Theresa – Sunday, May 29th.  Please show up for your shift.


Dave Smith YDTC – Leo – West Ottawa are pledging $75,000 starting next year.  Our club has already donated.


Mums – Steve – Wes has agreed to join the Mums committee (Barb, Steve).  Sale slips will be ready in June.


Next Week Speakers are John Gale and Paul Mayo speaking about the Rotary Auction.


President Leo’s thought for the week:  One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.