Posted by Wendy Adams on Sep 12, 2019
 International Rotary projects contribute to long-term community development
Peter Morrin of the Rotary Club of Kingston-Frontenac recently spoke to the Stittsville Rotary club about his extensive experience volunteering in Tanzania. He illustrated how his club’s current project in Ukerewe Island, Tanzania is contributing to long-term community development and how it meets the 4 essential criteria for a successful project: does it change the fundamental condition of the people, do the people want it, is it viable and is it sustainable. The objectives of the project are to eradicate poverty, inject cash into the community, encourage entrepreneurship and transfer technology. The areas of focus are chicken-farming (creating a viable small industry), alternate grain production (sorghum), micro-finance (loans not grants). training of mentors (who in turn train others). According to Peter, such a project requires 10 years to develop fully, e.g. they started with 14 farmers 3 years ago and 4 are now paying back loans. 
The photo shows Peter with Dully, a former student and now a teacher at the Imani Vocational Training Centre, with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.