Stittsville Village Association (SVA) is committed to the preserving & promoting the quality of life of Stittsville.
Joseph Carbonetto is the new president of the Stittsville Village Association (SVA), a group of volunteers that includes residents and business owners. It is committed to preserving & promoting the quality of life of Stittsville. A Stittsville resident for 20 years, Joseph has extensive experience in fundraising and special events that result in resources being given back to community members most in need. He has mobilized community engagement and orchestrated fundraisers for Chrysalis House, Stittsville Food Bank and individuals within our community.
A guest speaker at the meeting on January 26, 2022, Joseph had the following fundraising advice for Stittsville Rotarians who also fundraise for their community service projects:
* Listen to the needs of the community.
* Work with volunteers to create a plan for what is to be accomplished in the fundraiser.    Set modest targets and create a budget for the       project.
* Treat volunteers equally and find out what they really want to do.
* Identify the tools available. Do online fundraisers, use media such as Facebook.
* Be accountable. A non-profit organization is responsible for documentation and accurate money management in any fundraiser.
In response to a question about the current needs of Stittsville, Joseph identified the ongoing needs of the food bank in response to poverty and homelessness which can seem invisible. He said that small businesses are experiencing difficulty operating under covid restrictions and children are facing challenges and demonstrating fear, anxiety and stress.
Joseph stated that next summer, activities such as the FUNdraisers formerly in the Village Square will be moved to the Holy Spirit Catholic Church parking lot as the park will be under construction and Abbott Street will be paved at that time.