Posted on Sep 20, 2017
Marlene Caicco spoke to us about the work that Help Lesotho is doing in that country. 
Our guest speaker today was Marlene Caicco, Donor Relations Mgr. of Help Lesotho.           
Lesotho is a small country (about the size of Belgium) totally landlocked by South Africa.  Help Lesotho is a Canadian non-profit organization working in this impoverished country.  Donations are welcomed regarding the Pitseng Centre and other worthy groups such as the Grandmother Group or help fund a child to go to a leadership camp.  Marlene described what a $15.00 girl’s sanitary kit includes. She encouraged us to check the website for “Pearls4Girls” which promotes the sale of inexpensive pearl jewelry that is made in Lesotho.  Pearls4Girls jewelery is for sale at All Saints on November 25th.