Posted on Apr 11, 2018
Today we welcomed Peter Henderson, Guidance counsellor at Frederick Banting Secondary Alternate Program.
Peter described Banting students as 16-21 year old individuals who are disengaged from the traditional school but who are working to earn a high school diploma. Generally, they face many life challenges such as broken homes, economic challenges, substance abuse, or mental health issues and need a flexible, continuous intake program delivery and an independent learning environment with smaller class sizes and a supportive staff to succeed.
Currently, Banting has 220 students, 15 staff and 1 vice principal, and graduates approx. 40 students every year. Three programs and extra-curricular activities influence the school’s environment at Banting in a big way: EcoSchools and Banting Green, Skateboard Production and Urban Arts and Diversity. Students new to the school begin with a Life skills program. 

Peter was very complimentary about the ongoing support the school has received from community agencies in the 8 years since its establishment. The school always appreciates financial donations to support programs and meet the needs of students, e.g. clothing cupboard, breakfast program, grocery store food card and gym equipment.

Peter invited the club members to attend an Open House on Apr 19th from 9:00am to 12:00noon.
Frederick Banting Secondary Alternate Program.
1453 Stittsville Main, Stittsville ON
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