We held a special joint meeting with the Kanata Sunrise Rotary Club where our guest speaker was DG Nabil Oudeh.
DG Nabil described his own involvement in Rotary which began with a youth scholarship. However, it only continued 10 years later when he was approached to join Rotary as a member, as there had been no follow-up with him until that time.

He suggested that Rotarians focus on 3 areas:
  1. Club Rejuvenation – Ensure the club is viable and inviting, and that a member can express a passion for service within the club.
  2. Youth programs – These include Interact, Rotaract, and youth exchanges. Develop a relationship with schools in the area and work with dedicated teachers and students on projects. Assess the needs of the community. Keep in mind that the parents of the youth are potential members, and let potential members experience Rotary by working in events before asking them to join the club.
  3. Sweat equity – Honor the time and effort that people put into projects as much as their dollar contributions. Kemptville Rotary tallied their hours and found that they had accumulated 2,000 hours in a 6-month period.