Three priorities for the coming year will provide a framework for the SBA.
Andrea Greenhous, the new Stittsville Business Association President, spoke to Stittsville Rotarians on March 23, 2022. She described her background and her company Vision2Voice which focuses on a company’s internal communications. She has extensive experience working with domestic and international companies auditing their communications, then providing strategies to improve the work environment, making communications #1.
Well-qualified to serve in her new role of President of the Stittsville Business Association (SBA), Andrea will focus on growing the SBA membership up to 150 members to represent approximately 400 small businesses in the area. She stated that developing partnerships with service organizations, churches and sports clubs will be part of that effort because more can be accomplished when working together.
Andrea outlined her 3 priorities for the coming year:
1. Support Stittsville businesses with a Shop Local program using social media. Many businesses need that assistance now to recover from a very difficult period during the pandemic. Some businesses who were unable to adapt to the new business environment were forced to close.
2. Build a community of business leaders who will support each other by sharing strategies that could be used to deal with concerns that come with owning a small business. 
3. Be an advocate and represent Stittsville businesses working with Councillor Glen Gower to obtain governmental support as appropriate, e. g. revitalization of Main Street project, installation of banners on Stittsville Main Street.
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