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D9800 Australia

While Marg has worked at CBA for 33 years, covering 17 different roles, she focused on her family background. Her Dad left Ireland, came to Australia, and worked in Tassie on a Hydro scheme, and raised seven children! As a result of her Irish heritage, Marg never works on St Patricks day... After school Marg's ambition was to go into child care, but her Mum highlighted a bank Job. Instead of becoming a teller, Marg became a typist, and after leaving head office for the 1st time, became a Bank Manager.
At Reservoir, Marg became involved in a Women's Refuge, and ended up running an 8 week program at "Wellways" for some years. 
Marg raised son Troy (now 31) on her own for 28 years. Troy has Schizophrenia, and this year he finally obtained the help he needs, after some strong advocacy by Marg.
Marg's passions include lots of travel, riding motor bikes, cycling, mountain climbing and gardening. (We are very fortunate Marg has joined ACRC... local Bank Managers have a history of making a wonderful contribution to ACRC...Ed.)