100's         1st                      Snoopy Red Baron Plane, J & G Real Estate
                    2nd                    Braddocks Witches, Braddocks Insurance
                    3rd                    Halloween Beach, Neighborhood Pride
                    Hon. Men.      Happy Halloween, 3DPT
200's         1st                   Welcome to Horrific Deadford, Pack 108
                    2nd                  Little Brownie Bake Shop, Troop 20115
                    3rd                   Jersey Devil Halloween, Club Scout Pack 31
                    Hon. Men.     Be a Unicorn in a field of Horses, Troop 24713
Civic & Service Clubs
300's           1st                
                       Hon. Men.    
Churches & Religious Organizations
400's          1st                  All aboard the Soul Train, St. Mary’s of Lakes Church
                      2nd                Down on Farm Halloween, Fellowship Alliance
                      Hon. Men.    
Community Groups
500's         1st                   Halloween Scary Hayride, MYAA Field Hockey
                    2nd                  Under the Sea, Lenape District Support Staff
                    3rd                   Halloween Grave Yard, Medford DEK Hockey
                    Hon. Men.     Halloween Practice, Renegade Youth Softball
600's         1st                   Day of the Dead, Mike Pasquarello Family & Friends
                    2nd                  Spyder Run, Mount Laurel Striders
                    3rd                   The Floating Dead,  Negroni Family
                    Hon. Men.     Halloween Grinch, Ransom Family