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Memorial plaque for Helen Jones unveiled at Goolwa
On Thursday 15th September a group of friends and colleagues of the late Helen Jones gathered at the small rose garden behind the original Council Chambers in Goolwa Terrace.   Mayor Keith Parkes unveiled a plaque recognising the many aspects of Helen’s service to her community. The plaque is attached to a park bench, which looks out over the garden which was part of Helen’s legacy to the town.  Members of the large team of volunteers who help maintain Goolwa’s gardens were present also as a token of the respect and admiration with which Helen is remembered. The idea for the plaque was a joint project by the Rotary Club of Goolwa and the Tidy Towns group, both of which Helen was an active member for many years.
Helen was a force behind Goolwa becoming involved with, and recognised with, a number of awards from Tidy Towns, an offshoot of KESAB, which has recently celebrated 50 years of community service.
Through Helen’s involvement some years ago the Rotary Club of Goolwa adopted a section of the Goolwa Port-Elliot Road and continues to conduct regular clean-up days.  Helen was also involved with the Main Street program, which saw the planting of trees in the main street, the establishment of 12 public gardens in Goolwa, and the primary school coming on board with the nomination for the Tidy Towns Award.  These projects have also led to an involvement with other community environmental groups, such as Trees for Life.
Helen’s profession as a nurse and midwife, and her personal family mental health issues, encouraged her to organise several Mental Health Forums as part of the Rotary Health initiative, and she continued offering ongoing support through counselling within the Goolwa community.
Friday 7th October will be Rotary’s annual “Hat Day”, which aims to not only raise funds for Mental Health Research, but also to encourage awareness of this widespread illness affecting everyone in our local community, in one form or another.
The unveiling was also attended by Helen’s husband, Alan Jones and members of her family.
L to R
Back Row: Lachlan Robinson, Henry Robinson, Georgia Livingston, Sue Jones, Cathy Jones, Lizzie Livingston
Front row: Thomas Robinson, Alan Jones and Mayor Keith Parkes (seated)
The Rotary club of Goolwa have made a very generous donation to the almost completed Wildlife Rescue Centre based in Goolwa.  The new facility is being built on land owned by Alexandrina Council and leased to WWO. This facility will provide some relief to our very overstretched resources. Our rescue work covers much of the Fleurieu region and rescue numbers have escalated dramatically over the last couple of years. The facility is only a few weeks from opening and this will be a very exciting time. The Rotary Club of Goolwa has donated $3,750 which will enable the building of the seabird rehabilitation enclosure with dry dock and water facilities.
Thank you to everyone of our wonderful supporters, tradies and all the community groups and individuals who have contributed to this amazing community achievement.
Helen Hurford (Rotary), Veronica Teague and Rena Robinson (WWO), Nanette Davis (Rotary president)
The President of the Rotary Club of Goolwa. Nanette Davis, this week was pleased to present a Paul Harris Fellowship award to local GP Dr. Mark Miller. A PHF is the highest form of recognition given by Rotary International to a Rotarian, or a member of the Community who has contributed their services in keeping with the high principles of Rotary International
On Friday 4th, at the Goolwa Primary School assembly , the Rotary Club of Goolwa was officially thanked for the sandpit and shade sail donated to the school. 
The club was represented by Helga Campbell, Helen Hurford, Roger Shelden and Di Keach. President Di was presented with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the students and then said a few words on behalf of the club. 
She spoke briefly of Rotary and the contribution of the organisation in the community and worldwide. Also expressed the hope that one day some of those present may be involved with Rotary.  Then moved on to some information and acknowledgements regarding the sandpit and shade sail. 
The request for the sandpit was made in 2014, it was installed in 2016 and the shade sail completed in 2017.  Rotary Vice-president, Kevin Hales gave a great deal of his time to oversee and work on this project from the outset to completion. The Education Dept. had certain requirements and builder Bruce Foote had the necessary qualifications to install the shade sail . The final cost was $8,900 which was raised, locally by the club with a contribution from the Rotary Foundation. Also acknowledged were Nanette Davis, Immediate Past -President and current Director of Youth, and Greg Casson, the previous President both of whom were involved with the progress of the project.
Di closed in saying that we are glad to hear that the sandpit was already giving much enjoyment and hoped it will do so for many years to come. She thanked the school and students for the welcome and for the certificate of appreciation and congratulated them on the assembly, very well run by the students themselves, with minimal input from the teachers.