The Rotary Club of Springwood is proud to present to the Springwood and Winmalee communities an exercise park. Located next to the skate park on Hawkesbury Rd, we hope the community gets great use and benefit out of these facilities.
Members of The Rotary Club of Sprngwood are proud of their $48,000 contribution towards community health at Winmalee.
Club members and representatives of Blue Mountains City Council recently combined resources to fund and install a 10-station exercise area at Summerhayes Park.
The project has been developed over the past two years. We would like to acknowledge the work of President Pat Ainslie, Past President Colin Kenney and Rotarians Geoff Glassock and Bill Bowler who formed the organising committee.
The Rotary Club of Springwood provided the major part of the cost of the exercise equipment, while Blue Mountains City Council provided support with site selection and installation.
Ten work stations allow for a full range of physical exercise and training - legs, arms, shoulders and back and large groups of morning and afternoon joggers have already been seen enjoying the facilities.  The exercise area will be open for public use 24hours a day and the equipment is designed to be vandal proof.
A plaque has been constructed to acknowledge Springwood Rotary and council. It will be safely installed in a secure rock bed.
A large group of Rotarians and several Blue Mountains councillors - Chris Van der kley, Daniel Myles and Mick Fell - were present at the official opening of the facility.
The Rotary Club of Springwood has enjoyed one of its best years of service on record and, apart from the investment in the exercise park, the club also donated $39,000 to the Rural Fire Service at Winmalee for new facilities at the Yellow Rock Station to purchase new tanks and compressor filling station and general equipment to aide in Community Safety.