The Alemian File
Mar 22, 2018
David Alemian
The Alemian File

Successfully recruiting and retaining physicians and key healthcare executives is a unique, specialty skill. It’s a challenging arena but respected author David Alemian makes it look easy when delivering the talent you want. His highly anticipated book “The Physician’s Retirement Plan” is in prepublication and due out on Amazon soon.
Alemian is a leading retirement expert and recognized authority whose expertise is shared via video columns, numerous journals and talk shows. Physician’s Money Digest and MD Magazine signed Alemian to a five-year contract to produce and host a new weekly financial video series titled “The Alemian File.” Most recently, The Alemian File is featured in the Oside News.

His national recognition results from both revolutionizing and revitalizing how healthcare organizations attract and retain top talent. He’s considered “The Go-To Guy” for creating and implementing absolutely irresistible recruitment and retention programs. Imagine for a moment the benefit of having physicians and key healthcare executives eagerly “standing in line” to work for your organization.

Reliable medical industry studies show the #1 concern for all U.S. physicians is their retirement. Alemian helps healthcare organizations use comprehensive retirement benefits to more easily attract and retain physicians by fulfilling their need a secure retirement. His proprietary strategies and techniques instantly level the playing field for rural healthcare organizations forced to compete with metropolitan organizations for qualified candidates.

Formerly the host of “It’s About Money” Radio Show, Alemian has also produced and is featured in over 200 financial education videos. Additional content can be found in many well-respected, medical publications including: Physicians Practice, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Consultant Live, Psychiatric Times, Cancer Network and OB/