Presidents Spring and Summer Message


Finally the cold and rainy season is over.  As a Board, we are finally on top of the curve.  We have passed a budget that will take us through 2019.  Members have volunteered to host events like the recent Game night and Z Nite with many delicious Italian dishes and, of course, Fermenting Friendships and AmuZbooZ. We are in the process of scheduling musicians and bands to perform at the club. Our next music event will be on April 23rd, so be sure to check the weekly newsletter for more information about upcoming events.

Many of our members will be leaving for the summer. I want to wish you a safe and happy journey and safe return to your home in SCW.

Our year round residents will be able to enjoy events at the club where the AC will be cooling you off and you can socialize with fellow members. Our Crafters will be brewing and vintning so come join them to have fun and learn the craft.

Stay cool, have fun and enjoy your summer, Bill Houck