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Merry Christmas!

President's Outgoing Message
I want to thank all of our members for supporting our club. It takes many hands to keep our club viable and fun.
It has been a pleasure to be your President for the last three years. We have had ups and downs, but we survived with the best of them. I wish to thank a few members that have had a positive impact that go beyond the everyday activities and administering of our club.
The wine classes instructors, Walt Jefferson and Katherine Heisler.
Fermenting Friendships, Randy Pace.
Brewmaster, Dave Ryg and John DeLorenzo.
Newsletter, Maryalyce Skree.
Previous Board member and Membership Chair, Shar Odya. 
Wine lecture and annual picnic coordinator, JackieRyg. Zingo, Colleen Skrogstad, Game Night, Crystal Tavares.
And thanks to all those that have volunteered to host events that keep our club a happening and fun place. Thanks to all for your support.
All Z Club events are open to all members.
Let’s party on.    Bill Houck,.,.,.,
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