Jackie Ryg - President
Cathy Corr - Vice President
Cathy Haas - Treasurer
Judy Penman - Secretary 
Jim Mudd - Member at Large
On November 21st between 9 & noon, Walt Jefferson would like to give the members an opportunity to get free cleaned and boxed green wine bottles. Limit 5 cases per household. Walt needs empty wine boxes and will trade a full box of bottles for an empty box.
Where?  Happening @ 14403 W. Yosemite Dr, S.C.W.
1.) As approved by the 2023 Zymurgy Club Officers on April 5, 2023. All Zymurgy Club equipment shall not be taken out from the Club for any home use or otherwise.  Any Special Occasion, other than any specific Zymurgy Club functions, that need Club equipment will need to get Board approval before removing such item(s) from the Club.

Wine Cooler Bin Rentals: Adopted by the Board of Directors July 5, 2023.
Effective January 1, 2024 all Wine Cooler bins/cubicle rentals will be limited to one (1) per household.
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