On Tuesday two amazing things happened: 1) a dental appointment occurred where a toddler was not terrified nor tortured by a Dentist; 2) networking between Rotarians led to a business transaction. It's great that we have a club with non-traditional meetings,  however the benefits of networking between two people who share similar business values,  such as the four way test, stretches back to the founding day of Rotary. Though the melding of networking and service may be tricky and historically at times controversial, the reality may be Rotarians are usually great at all avenues of service, including vocational. So next time you're at a Rotary networking function, take it beyond small talk & either try out some of the many diverse services offered by your like-minded colleagues, or lend your expertise, advice, and professional network to a fellow Rotarian in search of new opportunities. Who knows, you may get your money's worth.