OAPSA is proud to be a long-time affiliate of NAPSA

The National Association of Pupil Services Administrators (NAPSA) is a national association of student services administrators with members across the nation. NAPSA is committed to the cultivation of leadership, advocacy, and professional development in the field of pupil services.
Do you have questions about your NAPSA Liability Policy?  
Here are some resources: 
Many of our OAPSA members love the Professional Liability Insurance that NAPSA provides free to NAPSA members. As an employed professional member in good standing of the National Association of Pupil Services Administrators, you automatically receive $1 million in professional liability insurance.  In the event, you are faced with a lawsuit arising from your profession, the NAPSA professional liability plan will pay all your defense costs and, if necessary, provide up to $1 million for a judgment or settlement. The policy protects you against a broad range of exposures, such as injury to students under your supervision, failure to educate, violation of student civil rights, and improper placement of students.
​​Additionally, the plan will reimburse legal fees incurred in due-process, job protection matters. You may receive up to $500 for consultation with an attorney of your choice, up to $750 for attorney’s services resulting from a request for a formal hearing, and up to $4,000, subject to a $100 deductible, if you decide to sue because of a job action and the judgment is in your favor.  
Here is the link to the information on NAPSA' website: http://napsa.com/?page_id=117
  If you have a claim to make on your NAPSA Liability Policy Forrest T. Jones' claim line at 800-821-7303. They will contact NAPSA to confirm your membership and coverage.   

OAPSA members are encouraged to join NAPSA!  OAPSA members save $10 on annual membership fees for NAPSA.   Please follow the "NAPSA Membership Application" link.