Our member Niels brings awareness about climate change and environmental protection through music! We hope this will inspire you to act now for the 🌎
Niels Lund, Past President 2017-2018 of the Solana Beach Eco-Rotary, and Rotarian since 2000, is an avid advocate for the protection of the environment and our common home that we call Planet. As a musician, composer and song writer, Niels felt the urge to write songs about the climate crisis we live in.
Below, you will discover 2 of his songs!
My Love for The Planet
With news from all around the world on global warming and the shift and unpredictability of the climate we are in a very serious situations when it comes to the future of our planet. Science has produced indisputable evidence that the earth is now at a crisis point. For many people the predictions are so overwhelming that they will tend to retreat and do nothing. Niels' song is intended to get beyond the data, beyond the scientific evidence and appeal to our hearts. The song has the impact of making us “feel” the climate crisis rather than having to rely on dry data and statistics. It is the power of emotions at play, which can be more empowering than hard data. When we “feel” the crisis it strikes at the heart and we are more likely to take action in our personal lives. It is the power of music, the power of art.   
You can listen to the song on YouTube:
* first recording of the song with lyrics https://youtu.be/uslPC5-l_Cs
* beautiful music video by Lia Strell (the one above) https://youtu.be/fNWEgGJweD4
My Love for the Planet (I Remember How It Used To Be)
By Niels Lund (3/07/2019)
1. When I see the sun
Shining bright and clear
I remember how it used to be
Before we had this fear
But now it’s not the same
The earth is far too warm
The records show it’s way above the norm
My love for the planet
Consumes me as it burns
Defines me
When the climate twists and turns
2. When I hear the wind
Flowing through the trees
I remember how it used to be
The sounding of the leaves
But now we can’t be sure
This beauty will remain
The wildfires are causing too much strain
3. When I feel the rain
Pouring from the sky
I remember how it used to be
Before things went awry
Now it seems so strange
It’s happening more and more
Our future is not certain as before
4. When there comes a storm
Knocking at my door
I remember how it used to be
And what we had in store
But now it’s not so clear
When nature is alive
That we will have the power to survive
5. Coastal seas will rise
And land will wash away
I remember how it used to be
But now it’s day by day
People are on the move
Seeking higher ground
For many, nowhere to be found
6. When children play their games
And laughter’s in the air
I remember how it used to be
Living without a care
Now as we look ahead
And see from where they came
Let’s build for them a world that stays the same
7. When I hear reports
Of how it’s going to be
If we don’t get our act together
And refuse to see
It makes me take a pause
And think of how we live
I know there is much more we can give
8. When I read the news
Predictions are confirmed
I remember how it used to be
And I think of what I’ve learned
It’s very clear to see
That science tells it true
Our future now is up to me and you
Chorus: II:
Our love for the planet
Consumes us as it burns
Defines us
When the climate twists and turns :II
II: Defines us
When the climate twists and turns :II

It's Time for Action