Posted on Oct 16, 2018
During this meeting, Dave Peiser received some funds for the SD Climate Network, and Bob Hemphill talked about renewable energies and Puerto Rico.

Lynn gave a check from the Rotary Fondation to Dave for the SD Climate Network.


Then Bob Hemphill talked about energy and Puerto Rico (see attached the presentation)
The self-funded NGO Sunshine Soldiers does education about solar energy.

The presentation started with the background about coal (2040 forecast is no more mines), natural gas, oil and fossil fuel, nuclear, hydropower (no more rivers available), wind, photovoltaics..

Before the storm, Puerto Rico was burning oil to make electricity, and it was poorly operated! The power plant wasn't affected much by the storm but the distribution network was completely destroyed.

Solutions: solar panels in mini grids to increase resilience instead of having one network that when one piece fails, everything goes dark.