Posted on May 29, 2018
LyOr enlightened us about this ancient method of agriculture that is coming back nowadays, the food forest.
LyOr Rabinowiz is a Permaculture Designer, Educator, Facilitator, Activist, and Community Organizer who is enthusiastic about collective transformation toward positive social change.
Food forest is a whole ecosystem that touches a lot of things, water, soil, plants, fungi, animals... It benefits our food but also many other aspect of life!
The presentation was articulated around those elements: Building Soil - Harvesting Water - Animal Habitat (wild and domesticated) - Abundance of Fresh Food - Providing Space for Outdoor Experiential Education - Ecological Living Spaces - Economic Opportunities - Community!
As always in our meeting, food and chat before the speech
LyOr, Niels and Amelie setting up the presentation
Niels gave a sachet of sunflower seeds to LyOr to thank him.
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