Posted on Sep 25, 2018
We toured EV West one of the leading converters of gas to electric vehicles in the US, located right in our back yard in San Marcos.
Michael Bream the founder guided our tour. His 1st serious conversion was the BMW shown in our photos that holds the electric vehicle (EV) record for the fastest Pikes Peak climb. EV West competed against the big boys like Toyota, BMW, Honda and Ford for EV record, which still stands today. 
After their victory, some years back, clients began seeking them out to make conversions and a business was born. Michael and his wife have 8 full time employees, mostly whom are engineers. Each conversion is custom and the goal of the conversion is to keep the vehicle as close to its original form as possible. They only convert vintage cars because the cost about 30k +/- isn't justified unless the vehicle is likely to increase in value as it get older. To date they have converted over 100 vehicles. You many have seen them featured on Jay Leno's Garage. You can see from our photo's that they convert everything from Deloreans to VW's.
We learned than most of the power plants come from insurance company totaled Tesla's so these conversions are truly quick.  We also found out that the batteries used in electric vehicles are dry batteries and are fully recyclable. This was an eye-opening tour and for our electric vehicle enthusiast and a special treat for the rest of us.