In the city of Encinitas, once a year, like-minded people meet and share about their organizations, their actions, and more, all related to sustainable living.
Our club was well represented at the EcoFest, we had a booth but also some of our members were part of the organization team!
Carter and Mark: Logistics
Niels: Stage
Julie et Amelie: Zero Waste team
And one of our members had their own booth, The Zero Waste Family, presenting their book.
The zero waste team had some help from the Encinitas Rotary Club. Nancy North, ES chair for Encinitas R/C, helped all day long and recruited some Rotarians from her club to volunteer for this event.
At the end of the event, only 5 lbs of trash went to the landfill, while 19 lbs went to the recycling path, and 27 lbs of organics (green bin) went to the compost. We separated liquids, and 1 lb of plastic bags (that we will bring to Plastic Beach, drop site at Solana Center).
The diversion rate is 91%, great success!!!
As part of the zero waste effort, we provided around 150 plates and silverware sets to the two food trucks. There was a washing station to clean and reuse them all day long. No single-use items were used, so no addition to the trash.
Julie and Amélie, President and Past President of our club and leading members of the EcoFest organization team!
The washing booth to offer clean nice plates and silverware for the good vegan food present at the EcoFest
The Zero Waste Family and the EcoFest stage
<- EcoRotarian Lynn with Nita from ProduceGood, one of the organizations supported by our club
Niels on stage with always great songs ->