Posted on Nov 27, 2018
Julian Duval, President Emeritus & Design and Horticulture Consultant, guided us in this new building.
The Dickinson Family Education Conservatory is a magnificent 8,232 sq. ft. facility, set in the nationally-acclaimed Hamilton Children’s Garden, designed to
  • Grow Education – Sharing knowledge and experiences of the natural world
  • Grow Engagement – Connecting our community members with nature
  • Grow Conservation – Building stewardship and respect for the environment
This green house has so many features to be able to regulate the inside temperature without using AC (and then it doesn't waste too much energy!), we had such a great time discovering it.
The branches will hold different plants and will be hanged from the roof as many tropical plants are up in the trees in the nature. These branches can be raised to the ceiling or lowered, depending on the event planned.
This venue is designed for education, but it can be rented for any kind of event. Imagine a wedding there!
Inside the green house
Outside the green house
Venue for events like a wonderful wedding!
Discover more on their website, or with this video: