Merrill Leeds and Joe Houde, trained with Climate Reality Leadership, the Al Gore's program, talked about this emergency:
Can We Avoid Climate Catastrophe?

It was a great presentation about the reality of the climate change, the science, the projections for the futur, and what can we do about it!

Let's keep hope, we can still impact the other way too.

Joe, Merrill, Dave, Carter, Niels, Leah, Amélie
All the Climate Reality Leadership trained present tonight!
And the audience
Thank you Joe and Merrill!
As all the speakers they received some sunflower seeds to plant wherever they want.
Here are some ideas for action, slides taken from the presentation:
Merrill and Joe agreed to share their full presentation, you can download it in two parts:
But you can also contact them they will be very pleased to come and talk for your event! Just contact us to have their info.