We were pleased to host Jay Klopfenstein, one of our members who discussed how to engage the community, people of all ages, in environmental projects.

Have you ever wondered what citizen science is? Watch this video to discover what this about!

People can get engaged through many citizen science programs. Jay encouraged us to discover the mobile application iNaturalist that anyone can use when going on a walk. Through this app, you can discover plants and collect data on what you see around you. So next time you go on a hike, connect to nature and share your pictures through iNaturalist. Collecting data is key to protect our natural ecosystems. 

This app can also be used by teachers to engage students in connecting with nature. For more information click in this link. Additionally, teachers will find many tools to support students on their citizen science journey in this toolkit.


Leave No Trace is another citizen science program with great resources. Here is there toolkit.
These "Citizen Science / Climate Literacy Applications" are becoming not only very popular but also environmental life saving in our communities, libraries and schools locally and globally.  Especially with what we're learning about our ecosystems and our environmental health needs during COVID 19 and the pandemic.